About & Contact Me

Hi friends! I’m Vijaykumar P from Kanchipuram, near Chennai.

The photography bug had bitten me early on when I was a mere schoolboy. Using the camera in my mobile phone, I would take snapshots of landscapes. I also discovered the wonders of nature when I saw the different species of birds and animals around me.


On completing my college studies, I had taken a course in Multimedia and studied Photoshop software. Since then, I’ve been working as a web designer in Chennai.

My dreams of becoming a good photographer were realised when I had bought a Canon 550d DSLR from Mr Gopinath Babu. He happens to be not only my cousin, but also my philosopher, mentor and guide in photography.

I went along with him for about two years, photographing our feathered friends. It had been the most rewarding period of my life and it turned me into an incurable addict of photography!

Apart from photographing nature, birds, wildlife and  portrait photography.

Give me a call for your photography needs. I’ll create frames that will be a treasure chest of memories.


Facebook : www.facebook.com/VjPhotogallery

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